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Merrry Menagerie

Posted on by Holly

I went on a bit of spree this weekend and got some new things for fall, and for some reason, nearly everything I got is animal themed. I didn’t even notice until I got home and found a little menagerie when I unpacked my shopping bags. I guess I just like cute animals prints for the fall.

Firstly, I went to express to get this Unicorn top. I had seen this while shopping with my boyfriend for some nice pants for him and it was so cute I decided that I needed it.

I thought the print was subtle, even if it is unicorns. It also reminded me of my new supervisor because she loves unicorns and has them all over her desk.

Next I stopped in Forever 21 to get some accessories, and I found these adorable cat flats. I’ve seen cat flats before and always thought they were super cute, but wavered on whether they wearable for everyday. These, however of subtle enough that if you’re not looking too closely the could just be embellished.

I also picked up these bow earrings because they were super cute.

I got these from The Icing. They’re just little gold rose studs, but I thought they were really pretty.

I got this 3/4-Sleeve Animal Graphic Top from JC Penny in Tan Fox. This sweater is a cashmere blend so it’s super soft and will be really cozy when the weather gets colder.

Animal Graphic tops/sweaters are super on trend this fall and I loved the cute fox on this one.

Then wandered over to the Sephora shop in JC Penny and finally got a bottle of Philosophy’s Pink Frosted Animal Cracker shower gel. I love Philosophy’s shower gels (I know I’ll be loving their Pumpkin Pie shower gel again come November) and I had my eye on either the Pink Frosted Animal Cracker or the Pink Frosted Layer Cake scents for a while. I haven’t actually tried the Pink Frosted Layer Cake scent in person, but I can’t imagine there would be much difference. This smells light and sugary and just so nice. I’d seen this shower gel in couple different stores and I kept stopping and smelling it every time so I decided to finally get one.

This dress from Target has cats on it. How could I not get it!?

It’s so cute and easily dresses up to a very classic outfit when paired a topknot bun, pearls, ruffled socks, and black patent shoes.

I also got this Dropped-Waist Skirt in black which I think will be super cute layering with chunky sweaters and graphic tops.

I also picked up these little sheep socks because, why not?

And that’s my unintentionally animal-themed fall haul! I really didn’t realize that I was getting all animal printed things until I got home, but I thought it was a fun coincidence.

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