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Closet Update: Copper Wedge Sandles

Posted on by Holly

With fall coming, I’ve been wanting to update my wardrobe for autumn. While I have added a few new things to my closet to start the new season, I also like finding new ways to use items I already own.

I got these Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Waylon Huarache Cork Wedge Sandal in Cognac from Target since last spring. They’re super comfortable because the leather is really soft and I’ve found they go with a lot of things. However, cork wedges seem very spring/summery to me so I thought I’d update them fall by adding a metallic finish.

I used Elegant Finish – Metallic Paint in the color Worn Penny with is a nice orange-y copper color that I love for fall.

I painted the cork wedge with a thin coat of the metallic paint. I didn’t bother taping the edges of the wedge. I just took careful care to not paint over the edges.

Painting the wedges didn’t take very long at long all and after I finished I left the shoes to dry on a piece of poster I had, and left them to dry.

Here’s the finished product after the paint dried! I love the metallic finish on these shoes. I tend to wear a lot of metallics as neutrals in my wardrobe so I know I’ll get even more wear out these shoes.

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