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Gonna use my sidestep

Posted on by Holly

Today was the Portfolio Show for the recent graduates of The Art Institute of Houston. This was basically a culmination of the past four years of my college career. I created a series of leave behinds and branding pieces to help showcase my digital portfolio, in addition to this website.

My leave behinds: Resume Packets, Logo Cookies, Business Cards, and Scholarship Award.

My Website and a poster advertising my skills

the full set up

During the show, I also had the opportunity to speak with many business professionals who were interested in my work and skills.

I had a lot of good interest in my set up. A lot of people said I did a very good job creating a cohesive brand for myself and my abilities.

Thank you to everyone who came by today. All your support and interest was so greatly appreciated.

Now the only thing left is just Graduation tomorrow !!

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